Grooms just wanna have fun!

Yep! The groom just wants to have fun! That is my theory.

Most grooms will usually let the bride choose every detail of the wedding. Few will ever get involved 100% in every decision. What they really want is, fun. 

If it was the grooms choice, he would have a patio reception with his kind of comfort food, perhaps lost of beer or preferred drink, a great DJ and for sure, a photo booth.

Grooms could care less about all the little decorations and shiny things brides want at their wedding. They just want to have fun!

I support my theory having observed the following trends:

-Brides spend so much in trivial thing, that they end-up without a budget for the "fun stuff "(DJ, BAND, PHOTO BOOTH) and so often, grooms will call us, and hire us as a surprise for the bride at their wedding day. This is such a great gesture and we love it every time.

-At the end of the night, every one of our past couples have come to us to thank us or bring us a tip, and the groom will always express that "the photo booth was the best expense of the event", and the bride always agrees.

-Grooms usually take the most photo booth pictures with their pals. Usually we gotta follow the brides around  Mohave her in a few pics.

So, with this in mind, I really wish that every bride-to-be would ask the groom about how can the wedding be fun for him, instead of what color or flavors he'd prefer. 

I also wish that every bride-to-be would ask the same question to herself. And think for a moment, what will I do with all the little things that I will use as decoration on the  big day. Unless you are planning to decorate your house like a wedding, you'll end-up with a lot of unnecessary stuff around, that you will have to sell later on.

Being engaged means that, being engage, so, think of new ways to engage your groom in. the planning of the event. After all, you will get all of the attention the night of the wedding, let him shine, in front of the photo booth and the dance floor, hiring great music (DJ or band) and a great photo booth company, such as Lumi Pod Photo Booth Rental, based in Fort Walton Beach Florida, and serving Destin, Pensacola, all of the Florida Panhandle.

Last, but not least, do not underestimate the power of a photo booth. Photo booth should not be used and baby sitting areas, a photo booth is expensive, because they are taking pictures for a few hours, but they are also printing the pictures for your guest to bring memories of your wedding day, home.

So go ahead, enjoy the planning, but make sure you budget for fun as well as for aesthetics.

oh! and live happily ever after!









 Lumi Pod Photo Booth- Emerald Coast and Florida Panhandle Photo Booth rental.



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