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Enclosed or Open-Air. Photo booth options explained.

We are Lumi Pod LLC., a professional photo booth rental company located on the Emerald Coast of Florida. Today we want to introduce you to our units, the Lumi Pod and the Lumi Air. The Lumi Pod is an enclosed photo booth unit and the Lumi Air is an open air unit.

Most of our clients come to us without an idea of what the difference between an open air and an enclosed concept is. So how exactly do you choose between an open air or enclosed unit for your event? Let's break it down.

Enclosed units offer some privacy since mosts have curtains and walls that allow the person or group inside to pose without feeling like eyes are on them, therefore they can be as goofy, loving, serius or as chic as they feel like posing. Depending on the size of the photo booth, it can accommodate from 1-10 guests comfortably, maybe more.

Open Air units offer no privacy at all. Guests waiting for a turn to pose will be able to see you and laugh with you. The fun part is that you can accommodate way more guests in a picture taken with an open air concept. A backdrop usually stands alone in front to the booth.

Photo Booth come in many colors many materials and the options are endless. You will find inflatable, pipe and drape, photographer operating a camera with the stand in

the light, photo kiosks among many other styles. Most photo booth will also printing pictures instantly and many of them nowadays are social media friendly. Lumi Pod LLC., offers two the two options; open and enclosed. We kept them white because most of our events are weddings, where white is a preferred base color. We don't want our units to be an eyesore in anyway.

The Lumi Pod is our enclosed unit. It offers some privacy when the curtains are closed. You can go as crazy as you want to, but warning! We offer an LCD screen option that shows all of the pictures of the night in a slideshow. This option is very entertaining to all the guests that are waiting for their turn to get in the photo booth. This concept fits up to eight will behaved adults and 12 skinny teenagers. It will take up an 8 x 8 space including the prop table. You should always consider having a dedicated 15 AMP outlet for the Photo Booth that you rent.

The Lumi Air is our open-air concept. Even though it doesn't offer as much privacy as the enclose unit, it fits larger groups, which is another fun factor that makes it very popular. It also has the capability of showing a slideshow in between sessions. It requires an 8 x 8 space including the backdrop and the prop table. And again, remember that a dedicated 15AMP outlet for the photo booth is required.


​Both of our photo both units are equipped with photo quality cameras, lights, printer and paper. This features result in spectacular pictures. Our high-end camera and lights and dye-sublimation printer and paper will keep your photo keepsake perfect forever.

Make sure that when you shop around, you ask what kind of equipment does your Photo Booth have, unless you only want web uploads and you don't want any prints, then you should consider a WebCam or and iPad as an option. Other than that, if you want spectacular pictures that last a lifetime, make sure that you hire a professional photo booth rental that uses quality photography equipments.

Check out our website for more information on our rental units.

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