Grooms, Just want to have fun!

Updated: Nov 25, 2020


The grooms just wants to have fun! At least that is my theory.

Most grooms will usually let the bride choose every detail of the wedding. Few will ever get involved 100% in every decision. What they really want is, fun! If it was the grooms choice, he would have a patio reception with his kind of comfort food, perhaps lost of beer or preferred drink, a great DJ and for sure, a photo booth.

Grooms could care less about all the flashy decorations brides tend to look forward to. They just want to have fun!

I support my theory having observed the following trends:

-Brides spend so much in trivial thing, that they end-up without a budget for the "fun stuff "(DJ, BAND, PHOTO BOOTH) and so often, grooms will call us, and hire us as a surprise for the bride, on their wedding day. This is such a great gesture and we love it every time.

-At the end of the night, every one of our past couples have come to us to thank us or bring us a tip, and the groom will always express that "the photo booth was the best expense of the event", and the bride always agrees.

-Grooms usually take the most photo booth pictures with their pals.